Daniel Day LewisI think I’m in love with Daniel Day Lewis. In love with the idea of him, that is. He is an attractive sexy, older-to-me kind of man (by birth, he’s nearly old enough to be my father), and yet, when I watch his movies, I don’t see Daniel Day Lewis. I see whatever character he portrays. That is the epitome of being a character actor—at least by my definition!here is something deep and penetrating about each portrayal. His eyes give subtle hints of certain intricate humanities without betraying his character. And, each time I watch one of his movies, it’s like watching it for the very first time. While I may know the story well, there is always something new I notice about his character—some underlying projection I missed before. Perhaps it is just the psyche filling in gaps, but, the power of persuasion is great and he certainly has me convinced!

It seems to me that there is something he understands about the development of a character that I do not as each one invokes various emotions from me—emotions that are often hard to come by on a normal day. Some conjure righteousness (is that even an actual emotion?), empathy or sadness and others…well, you just love to hate him.

Daniel Day Lewis is a man I would consider on my list of people I would love to have a dinner conversation with. If ever given that chance, these are the questions I would ask?

  1. What pieces of each character you choose resonate with you the most?
  1. Is there a purpose behind how you choose a character to portray?
  1. What is the method behind the “madness” of staying in character as long as is rumored?
  1. Despite your overwhelming sex appeal and celebrity status how do you stay so humble?
  1. What do you see when you look in the mirror?
  1. Was acting your dream job? If not, what was?
  1. What is your favorite wine, beer or cocktail, and why?
  1. What type of character to you find the most challenging? The most layered?
  1. How do you develop the depth and intensity of each of your characters?
  1. Would you describe what you do as art? How so and why or why not?

Obviously, over a dinner conversation the point is to have a “conversation” and not just an ask-and-answer session, but I think the above is where I would start and hopefully it would open the door to pick his brain even further. End dream. Sleep tight.


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