A few years ago IExplicit saw a meme float around Facebook with a picture of an old woman that said “the only thing golden about my golden years is my urine.” I damn near rolled on the floor laughing, figuratively speaking of course.

I’ve decided to adopt that motto when I am her age. That statement fits my personality so well. I have also decided that I will say “fuck” a lot. I like that word. So many things can be expressed by just one little word. George Carlin gloriously explains:


Or, perhaps I need to adopt “fuck off” more often. The comedian Billy Connolly expresses the appreciation for that statement and/or sentiment so much better than I ever could.


And, what amazes me even more is the very fact that for nearly a week I have struggled with writer’s block. I have an article for a career-based newsletter I must write and I’m stuck. I have had a million random thoughts cross my mind for this blog, even, but nothing has seemed to inspire me—until it is passed my bedtime and I decided to make a random blurb about what I aspire to be when I’m old.


More to come, I guess. Sleep tight!



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