A touch of nostalgia enlightened me tonight.

I was thinking about the idea of being in the proverbial “rut” with certain types of entertainment we continuously go to–movies. Whether it’s at the theater or renting/streaming. It seems to be the constant for every weekend (and, sometimes, even during the week…oooo…ahhhh, aren’t we the adventurous-types).

One of my “quirks” is that I will think about such things for hours or even days and then, seemingly, at random, will spring it on either husband or friends, often leaving them mystified. As in, “where the hell did that come from?” Sure enough, while out in the garage with my husband I laid it out.

In my wonder, I was thinking about the why in our systematic routine. Sure, in the grand scheme of things, as our subjective budgets and “priorities” go, renting/streaming movies is a much cheaper option for the whole family (or even for just the husband and I) than many other options. Plus, we don’t have to go anywhere. But, that didn’t quite complete the inquiry for me. And then I remembered my childhood.

Nearly every Saturday afternoon I went to a matinee. Often it was with friends. Sometimes I walked up there by myself (it wasn’t far from home). Sometimes, I even brought my little sister–it was an excuse to see “little kid” movies (i.e. Disney animation, etc.) that I thought I was getting too old to actually want to see. Then a matinee was under $5.00 for us kids.

Even when I wasn’t going to matinees, the weekend excitement was the trip to the local video store to rent movies. It wasn’t like it was a few years ago. Back then it was VHS. Back then we had to rent the VCR. It was an awful, heavy thing that came in a padded carrying case with a shoulder strap for easier lugging–in reality, probably designed for the least amount of injury.

Movies (and music too–let’s not forget that) were the center of my childhood–for my husband too. And, that’s why we are the way we are. That is to say, the centrality of the motion picture at the heart of our entertainment choices.

In reality, I ought to be working on my next story. I do have one in the works, but am finding excuses not to work on it this week. The above regurgitated introspection is a perfect example. With that, I bid you ado.

Sleep tight for me! I’m gone!


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