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Frustrated GardenerThe ever-mounting yard work haunts me. It’s low maintenance, they said. Yeah, right! What they didn’t tell me, and I failed to realize in my first-time-homebuyer naivety, was that I would be fighting a battle against weeds every spring, summer and fall for the next TEN YEARS. And, sometimes, those damn weeds look as pretty as a flower! It’s very hard to tell with my untrained eyes.

I started out strong, I really did. I quite literally dug in. I may have won a few battles over the years, but, unfortunately, the weeds are beginning to win the war. I suppose it doesn’t help that we live very, very close to a nature preserve/center. At least this is what I tell myself to justify my inability to gain advancement in any siege.

It is as if nature is laughing at me. Taunting me. Once I have made a clearing and have begun to make another, sprays of thistly, noxious, itch-inducing evil cascade across the soil, having multiplied three-fold! It’s almost like playing whack-a-mole.

Sleep tight for me, I’m gone.

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Skeleton Key


Fear. It’s paralyzing. Apparitions hover ominously.

Mischievous secrets hidden behind skeleton keys.



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What do you do
When there’s darkness
Inside of you?

Take me away

The black of night
Sinks in your heart
The fountain of youth
Has left its art

The sun
Scorches your skin
Become your Jinn

What do you do
When there’s darkness
Inside of you?

When your blood runs cold
Do you wonder
Has your soul be sold?

Has your soul be sold?


You can find the Darkness video from The Others here.

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