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planet-1039926_1280Metaphysical conversations are probably my favorite because they deal in things we just don’t know and probably will never know–at least not in my lifetime. Often those conversations can be quite controversial, especially when you bring God into the equation.

There are plenty of interesting concepts to think critically about, but I believe I found the topics of religion, spirituality, God and good and evil to be the most intriguing of them all. While I have no clear-cut answer on any of them (and neither does anyone else–the answer to all is not “you’ve got to have faith,” because faith is a fallacious argument), it certainly made me think about things somewhat differently.

The attached is the first of several pieces related to the above-referenced subjects and will begin with the characteristics of God and discuss the design argument. It was after this exploration and learning about the three required, age-old elements that I determined that God doesn’t exist the way we have defined Him.

Not so coincidentally, that discussion also inspired Meet Mr. G, which is the science fiction, short story, e-book I self-published in March 2015. Check it out. But first, click the link below to read about The Power of Three.

The Power of Three

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soul-746560_1280The Portrait is a short, short story where nothing is what it seems. It is the first script I have done–no, I take that back. I did one other one. It was an epic fail and a horrible, gruesome experience (mainly because I didn’t know what I was doing and struggled against the structural change from standard prose). Now that I’ve learned a few things, the whole process was less traumatic. Hopefully, I have  not become as delusional as I hope my character is.

By technicality, the story is explicit (but maybe in a PG-13 sort of way, in my opinion). Click the link below to read the story and feel free to leave a comment and/or feedback.

The Portrait


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