skull-960983_1280Now that we’ve gotten the three requirements that define God out of the way we will explore evil. But, before we go too deep, I’m going to leave you with an overview of The Argument from Evil and then discuss morality because we need to understand morality and how it relates to God and evil to determine if they are separate from each other and/or from God first.

Evil is not as easy to define as we humans would like to think. Hell, we like to think we know more than we do and want things to be one or the other. Unfortunately, there are a lot of grey areas. Analytical philosophy would look at everything that we would consider evil and put it into a circle to flesh out an ultimate definition (which is much harder than it seems)–this is not that. If anything, it just draws out more questions to consider. Actually, it makes pretty interesting dinner table conversation–especially if you have children (they have an interesting insight that can often question and discuss without judgment and gives the parents a view into how they think, typically more deeply than we give them credit for).

That being said, however, a Jesuit priest once conversed with me on the subject of evil and the difficulty of defining it–he gave me some perspective. He said evil is that thing so unimaginable one can barely speak of it. I can see his point; however, I do believe the threshold for some is higher than for others.

So, click on the link below. And, as always, sleep tight for me.

God, Evil & Morality

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