4963863-darthvaderWhen I was taking my senior philosophy courses, I was disappointed by the lack of variety in subject matter (they offered a lot of ethics) and so I was able to construct my own independent study. Because I had already spent a lot of time studying the metaphysical, which includes the existence or non-existence of God, I chose to continue that inquiry into evil–seemed fitting.

While eyeballs deep into the independent study, my very first lesson was that I should have researched books more thoroughly and chosen better. I remember, after reading through several chapters, flipping the book over a number of times to see what the writers’ credentials were to have written such material. Frankly, the book was probably made for younger students who need fictional characters to envision the concept–it mostly annoyed me. Not that I mind discussing Darth Vader or breaking down the intricate nuances of other beloved fictional characters, it was just utilized too much (in my opinion, which you’ll see bled into the writing as you read).

So, without further ado, in continuation of my previous post, God, Evil & Morality, click on the below link to view the meditation of what evil is in conjunction with a Darth Vader character analysis.

What is Evil

Disclaimer: I’m not very political; however, the attached document does broach that topic slightly with what was going on at the time when it was written (approximately 2011). That being said, it does not, by any means, convey my political stance or beliefs regarding the rebels or the Dark Side in any real or metaphoric realm. Well, except for the part about Wall Street. Maybe. 


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