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Sometimes there just is no logical explanation for the things that go bump in the night…unless it’s all in your head. Or, is it?

I have to admit. This story has been in my head for a long, long time. It has gone through numerous revisions and title changes. I have struggled to find the best way to tell the idea that swims in there, toying with me like a killer clown illuminated by a dim street light.  That is what keeps me up at night.

Blank Spaces

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zombie-979358_1280After a horrible family tragedy, Aliyah keeps herself hidden and glued to her studies until her friends cajole and dare her into a night of drinking and urban exploring to redeem her tarnished reputation and prove the legends and hauntings of the house on East Wind Road are untrue.

The spirit of the house awakens with a vengeance after the group reads from a forbidden book, written by a mysterious and missing author, leaving Aliyah to discover how to purge the evil but becomes the victim of her own devices.

If you dare, click the link below to read the short screenplay. But, beware what lurks in the corner shadows.

East Wind Road

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smoke-69124_1280I wrote an episode for a web series called No Good Deeds. Because the shows that were produced are owned by the school (student created) I cannot post the pilot episode for viewing here. But because one needs to have seen the first episode to pick up on some of the humor and serial elements of the story, I will provide a synopsis for you.

Roy is in his late 20s, but is a bit nervous and awkward, always feeling as though his gestures are not good enough, especially for his father (Ernest). In the first episode, Roy visits his dad in the hospital. He quickly realizes that a little plastic figurine of a flower he brings in is not as good as what he sees others bring for their loved ones. Immediately he is  embarrassed.

When Ernest awakes he is in a state of panic and tells Roy that he doesn’t want the hospital to put him on life support and that it is Roy’s duty to make sure he isn’t. Roy is confused and surprised by this, considering there should be no reason such extreme consequences should happen over a routine colonoscopy. Ernest then tells Roy that he should do something with his life, other than playing with his video game gadgets, that will do some good in the world and then sends him to get coffee.

In the waiting room, as Roy pours coffee, he sees a young woman crying. She dumps her bouquet of lilies in the trash. Since she no longer seems to have a use for them, he decides that he will pluck them out–a much better gift than what he originally brought. He places them on the bedside table, next to his snoozing father, and returns to get the coffee.

Unfortunately, when Roy returns, his father has been placed on life support. The doctor isn’t much help in explaining how this could have happened given he just had a routine procedure. When the doctor leaves the room, Roy remembers his father told him that he didn’t want to be on life support. Roy finds the source for the machine and unplugs it from the wall. Shortly after his father flatlines the doctor returns, with a needle in her hand, exclaiming that it was only an allergic reaction–Ernest is allergic to the lilies.

Ernest, now a ghost, follows his son around. No one else can see or hear him. Ernest tries to encourage (guilt-trip) his son into keeping his promise of doing good deeds. Unfortunately, no good deed goes unpunished (as the saying goes).

Here is my episode, “No Good Deeds, All Soaked Up.”




soul-746560_1280The Portrait is a short, short story where nothing is what it seems. It is the first script I have done–no, I take that back. I did one other one. It was an epic fail and a horrible, gruesome experience (mainly because I didn’t know what I was doing and struggled against the structural change from standard prose). Now that I’ve learned a few things, the whole process was less traumatic. Hopefully, I have  not become as delusional as I hope my character is.

By technicality, the story is explicit (but maybe in a PG-13 sort of way, in my opinion). Click the link below to read the story and feel free to leave a comment and/or feedback.

The Portrait


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The rain began after dusk. Vibrant golden-yellow, blaze-orange and blood-red leaves Karen had carefully raked into piles on her lawn became wilted masses of dull, brownish-gray, soaked mush. Through misty haze, the lights of every house on the block shimmered, beckoning neighborhood children to beg for candy in costumes that were pulled over thick layers of clothing that made them look like tiny Stay Puft Marshmallow men in disguise.

As temperatures plummeted, dagger-like icicles hung from power lines overhead, threatening to impale passersby and moaned like ghosts creeping in castle corridors as the wind brushed against them. Tree limbs encased in a glassy sheath howled as they buckled under the weight, snapping the icy black cables below like brittle twigs. Lights out.

Karen paced in front of her picture window, biting her nails, as she searched for any sign ten-year-old Adeline would return from trick-or-treating. The street was dark. She was nowhere in sight.

The icy-rain turned to sparkly white flakes that quickly drifted into deep mounds. Just as Karen decided to pull on her winter coat, she noticed Adeline trudging up the driveway’s small incline, struggling against the slick slab hidden underneath fresh powder, dragging her pillowcase full of candy sullenly behind her.

The blistering wind had whipped Adeline’s cheeks. A single, hot tear trickled from the corner of her right eye at the sight of her mother racing to her rescue. They crashed into each other and slid into a pile of snow.

“Mommy, can you come home now?” she asked softly, looking up at Karen with the same big, innocent brown eyes as she did the day she was born.

“We are home,” Karen replied, cradling Adeline in her arms.

“I want you to come home. I’m cold,” she whined.

The wet, heavy snow quickly deepened as the atmosphere above cracked open with a thunderous bolt of electricity that spider-webbed across the night sky.  Karen leapt to her feet, but her legs slid out from under her.

“Mommy, stay with me,” Adeline begged.

Karen’s eyebrows dipped. Why would she say that? she wondered as she continued to pull at Adeline’s arms.

“Help me get you out,” Karen pleaded. “You have to try.”

“Mommy! Where are you?!” Adeline shrieked, clawing at the snow filling in around her face.

“I’m right here,” she said sharply.

The smoke-like plume of Karen’s breath clung to the air as her lungs heaved. Her fingers, blackened from frostbite, stiffened as she vied for a better grip. Adeline sunk deeper, plunging Karen forward.

Another, sudden, deep boom tore through the night sky. Thick flakes floated weightlessly in the air, speckling Karen’s hair, as she sunk her head low and stared into frosty crystals etching across Adeline’s eyes. She wrapped her arms tightly around her child and sobbed. Adeline was a ridged and lifeless little goblin.

“You stayed!” Adeline blurted.

Karen gasped. She could see their bodies buried beneath snow and ice.

“Are you warm now?”

“Yes,” Adeline replied.

“Good. Me too. Let’s go home.”


Daydreamer Coming SoonCOMING SOON–Here’s to what daydreams may come.

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The moon hung low in the blackness of midnight. Its brilliance shimmered across the turbulent waters below as the tide cascaded across jagged rocks. With each swish, a gentle breeze blew through the windows covered by floor-length, delicate lace curtains adorned with intricate scalloped edges. They waved rhythmically with the crashing tide, as if breathing.

Hunched over a dimly lit desk, in her cramped office, Alison rested her forehead in the palm of her hand, fingers entwined in her hair. With heavy, sleep-deprived, eyes she glanced out from under the brim of her glasses to peer through the slivered opening between curtain panels to glimpse the moon, but quickly returned her focus to the blinking cursor demanding her attention.

One of the panels flickered out-of-sync, drawing Alison’s attention to the window as a shiver ran down her spine. The dead silence that fell upon the room pierced Allison’s eardrums while she watched the curtains dip in slow exhale to form a frame around the silhouette of a woman in a distressed mourning gown.

Mesmerized, fear welled up, high into her esophagus, burning like flames bursting from hell as the oxygen was stripped from her lungs, rendering her breathless and unable to move or scream. The shadow lunged forward. With thinly pursed lips, her ashen-face scowled from under a tight, silver-streaked bun as her boney fingers clawed out Alison’s soul and poured it into the glowing monitor. Alison’s lifeless body slumped over her keyboard while the demanding cursor blinked to life.