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DescartesIf you have followed my blog, you know where I stand on that elusive word truth. If not, well, it’s peppered throughout that I think truth is merely a matter of dates because we often equate it to subjective material, but that if something is actually true it should be constantly and consistently the same through time. It’s my understanding that Plato was the first to determine that truth should be constant–correct me if I’m wrong.

At any rate, the attached thought paper was crafted by the random misfirings of an undergraduate philosophy student who thought she was being witty (ahem…me, being a smart ass) attempting to produce a constructive mediation while studying Rene Descartes. I realize that my conclusion is reaching–it was not meant to be a formal argument or dissertation by any means–just thoughts about something I had read. In hindsight, I now wish I would have at least notated what I was reading more specifically.

Descarte Mediations-Truth & Perfect Imperfections

During that period of my journey I also spent a lot of time devoting lyrical content to those particular metaphysical thoughts swimming around in my head. Most of the early stuff with The Others is a trifecta of sorts, incorporating vampiric themes and philosophy with a metaphor weaved into the layers. The song that references the perfect imperfections can be found in The Letting.

Sleep tight for me. I’m gone.